American Idiot (Green Day) - day 31

Hey there, how about some punk rock?? Amidst such a springtime patch full of poppies and tulips the likes of Olivia and Karen Carpenter, and perennials and succulents the likes of  Madonna and Donna Summer, I would like to bet you’d never add Green Day to my musical garden. You would be sorely incorrect. Since their first slew of radio hits in the mid-nineties, I have loved these guys. Hard hitting, specific, a blast to listen and sing along to. So much so that I don’t even care the previous sentence ended on a preposition. Now that’s punk rock!

But American Idiot though? Ahead of its time, to say the very least. Never has a song resonated so much since its release, at least not for me, to describe the state of the country as this one does. And the lyrical mastery of Billy Joe speaks for me: Well maybe I’m the faggot-America, I’m not a part of the redneck agenda. Not only am I NOT offended by that phrase, I wear it like a badge of courage during a time when people are led by opinions which are led by brainwashing news. Cancel culture is the popular concern when we should not just be watching what’s going on around us, where fellow Americans are being murdered for just being who they are, but we must stand up to do something about it. No wonder punks are pissed. I know this springtime patch dweller is.

Billy Joe Armstrong is a true genius lyricist, and with his bandmates he has created music gold with this song and the titular album. This song is as thought provoking as it is crank-worthy. Enjoy!