Breathe Me (Sia) - day 22

International superstar Sia had a career way before she was singing and swinging from chandeliers. Anyone who was watching Six Feet Under in the 00s knows Breathe Me as our introduction to the Australian powerhouse.

The song itself can have whatever meaning about which it was intended, but to those of us in the inner circle, we are driving off to the future with Claire Fisher, watching time unfold in months and years and decades with tears in our eyes and lumps in our throats. Talk about powerful imagery.

If you do listen to the lyrics, it’s about the struggles of self-harm and the need for community. As a person who has battled depression and vulnerable thoughts, a person who, many times, has considered himself not enough and very broken and incapable of being selfless, this song hits the target of my soul. I am small and needy. Ouch, I have done it again.

But fear not, for my medication is you, the person reading these blogs, the people who suppress your judgment in stance of support and the knowledge that perfection is fleeting, and expectations are what we make them. Thank you for helping me to breathe me.

Be my friend, hold me.
Wrap me up, enfold me.