Celebration (Kool & The Gang) - day 10

Can you ever imagine there was a time before Kool & The Gang’s monster hit Celebration existed? It’s the ultimate party song that is played at probably every party you’ve ever attended: bar mitzvah, sweet sixteen, prom, graduation party… and to imagine there was once a time that this song didn’t exist. Unthinkable.

Not much really needs to be said about such a feel-good song. It is the perfect sound for exactly what it is. And I get it – you either like it or you don’t. That’s on you though. You are allowed to not agree that this is the ultimate party jam which makes you immediately happy and want to celebrate something with someone or a group of someones. It is your right as an American to disagree. But you should know you’re wrong. :D

PS: I aspire to be as agile with my footwork as the band members in this video.