Crazy (Icehouse) - day 46

You already know of my obsession with obscure new wave hits from the late eighties, so you shouldn’t be surprised by today’s entry. If I’m being honest, the first I’d ever heard of Crazy by Australian band Icehouse was on VH1, not on WLIR. This song drew me in instantly. More accurately, lead singer Iva Davies’ voice did the drawing. I loved how he could change his vocal range from one octave to the next within the same sentiment. Certainly an unsung hero, pun possibly intended, when it comes to ranking the amazing male voices of his era. I would add this dude to the likes of Daryl Hall and Steve Perry. I CAN go for that, Sherrie.

My favorite moment, the most defining for me, is at 1:22 into it. That near falsetto is mind-blowing. This song has everything you want in a pseudo-love song: Sincere lyrics, mesmerizing sounds.

cause you’re the one sure thing
when I get lost in the game once again
hey I’m a lucky guy
without a reason and I don’t understand

When I hear it, the hair on my neck stands up. How this song was never the phenomenon it deserves to be is beyond comprehension to me. Perhaps you’ll agree.