Don’t Disturb This Groove (The System)/I Remember Holding You (Boys Club) - day 20

Two one-hit wonders earn today’s top marks: from the first notes of these songs I am transported back to my basement apartment at Aurora’s, in another world with VH1 on a constant loop as the background soundtrack of my life.

Music videos were such a huge part of my world back then: road trips in convertibles, sepia toned filming, eighties saxophones, ambiguous voyeurism, singers dancing around with mic in hand, other guy nodding along while playing the moog, and of course, majestically groomed mullets. These are just some of the magickal ingredients that made the decade of the eighties so bad it was great.

Don’t Disturb This Groove was such an aspirational vibe, one which even today I feel the need to get in my car and drive to this uplifting song. And I Remember Holding You, the feeling felt so right... the tones of loss and heartbreak but so delicious upon which to feast the ears.

Hang the sign upon the door. Don’t Disturb This Groove.

That is all. Just don’t.