Dreaming Of You/I Could Fall In Love (Selena) - day 43

Today I present another human with the voice of an angel, but this one’s life was cut down way too short and tragically. Today I give you Selena Quintanilla with her powerhouse balladier voice singing about dreaming and falling in love.  Anyone who knows anything about music history knows Selena’s story and how her short life was ended by a crazed fan. These songs, as beautiful as they are, will always have a tinge of bittersweetness to them. How could they not? Ahead of her lay a career of virtually infinite promise and she didn’t even get past her first English-language album. No one will ever know what more magic she would have created with that silken voice, but thankfully she left behind this legacy of perfection, songs that live on perpetually as they play on Lite-FM stations across America.

Here are two of her mammoth English-language ballads that conjure the personal longing of new love and giving into forbidden temptations. But at the center of both is the sincerity of Selena.