Her Town Too (James Taylor & JD Souther) - day 28

Easy Listening, aka Adult Contemporary, gets a bad rap in my opinion. Without that genre of music, we would never have a platform for the artistry that is James Taylor. Let’s face it, Taylor is among the kings of singer/songwriters, and you can choose any song of his to demonstrate this fact. His voice is sweet and sincere and full of color, and in my opinion, best showcased in his early eighties hit single Her Town Too. He gets the assist from JD Southern of the Eagles fame (and co-writer of one of my all-time favorite songs by any artist, New Kid In Town). Their tender harmonies are heartbreaking and honest and, in my opinion, among the most amazing harmonies in any song ever.

The song broaches a heartbreaking topic: the aftermath of divorce. We often neglect to think about the sad outcomes of failed relationships when times get hard; Taylor and Souther harmonize, perfectly, the other side’s perspective; what a sweet and beautiful song. What I love about this song is how his empathy lends to change the trajectory of the lyrics at the end; he’s no longer singing about her, but instead to her, with acknowledgment to the things she’s lost. What a perfect piece of music.

I hope you enjoy hearing it today.