Hold On Loosely (.38 Special) - day 27

Today’s entry is a testament that a song, once borderline despised, can eventually grow on me. As you know, I am, and have never been, a fan of Country music or Southern Rock. The thought of Lynyrd Skynyrd makes me cringe and cower, remembering deeply repressed memories of the terrifying hallways of PMHS as I skulked quickly from classroom to classroom in an attempt to escape the bullies who would make my acne and my IBS flare up. So how can a song by a band that fell out of the ashes of Skynyrd be something I love and which I crank the volume?

I make my high school tenure out to be something from a horror film, but in all honesty when it wasn’t bad, it really wasn’t bad. There were a lot of kind people who far outweighed the bullies and dicks. These were the people who made enduring the bus ride home with the hillbillies, spitting chewing tobacco on the floor of the bus so it would coat my sneakers, relatively bearable. There was a girl, whose name I don’t remember, with whom I shared a lot of classes. I want to say her name was Kim? She loved this song, Hold On Loosely by Southern Rock band .38 Special, and when I would hear it, I’d be reminded of her, a girl who stood up to the bullies for me.

Now, so many years later, I am glad to hear this song from my favorite era of music that, previously, I’d never have lumped into a playlist, let alone a countdown of favorites. I hope wherever Kim is in this world that she is living her best life.