I Could Not Ask For More (Edwin McCain) - day 14

It’s the mid to late nineties and television has found a new principle target for people my age and younger called the WB. It’s a new channel filled with angsty teenaged dramas, some of which are built around characters with super-powers. Sign me the fuck up.

One such television show was Dawson’s Creek, and despite the fact that there were no teenaged superheroes, one of the many things that made Dawson’s Creek such a phenomenon was the music. With the keyword still being angsty, that show would churn out hits by artists who were yet undiscovered. One of those artists was scraggle-haired hipster Edwin McCain. He’d had one other release on the radio, but then I Could Not Ask For More showed up on the Creek and even on Smallville. And color me shocked to find out he didn’t actually write this song; it was written by Diane Warren who wrote so many amazing ballads that brought me to life by Cher and Whitney Houston and Taylor Dayne.

Such a great love song for the young and tortured! When you define a song by its decade, this one certainly fits the bill – such a nineties vibe. Doc Martens and flannel hoodies, string lights outside the barn. Soft, repetitive guitar riffs and slight drumbeats, Dawson and Joey, Clark and Lana.