I Say A Little Prayer (Dionne Warwick) - day 45

What a happy memory out of 1967! Obviously, my earliest memories of this amazing power ballad, sung by the inimitable Dionne Warwick way before she became everyone’s best psychic friend, are from my childhood in Lynbrook in the seventies. Even at such a young age I understood the magic of the music of composer Burt Bacharach, but in my opinion his music was always best when left in the hands (and velvety voice) of Dionne. Bacharach’s music dominated the sixties, but Dionne Warwick’s interpretation made them instant classics.

This song is such a vibe. It can transport your soul to wherever you need to be, and once there you will end up happy. There’s honestly no better way to describe this particular song or the overall sound other than to say it’s the kind of song that makes everything alright. How nice to know someone is looking after you in such a way that they begin every day with positive thoughts about you. I personally don’t pray, but it does seem nice that someone would pray for me!