If The World Was Ending (JP Saxe featuring Julia Michaels) - day 47

What a perfect anthem for a shitty, uncertain year with civil division, racial unrest (as if that’s something new), and a global pandemic locking most of us away from loved ones, co-workers, and life as we knew it. A song about an earthquake becomes the perfect song for 2020: If The World Was Ending.

I admit to not knowing very much at all about current music, but a friend told me about this song after mentioning how much I generally love duets. I was very happy to discover it. I like the blend of JP and Julia’s voices; there is so much sincerity in the bleak. There’s a soft intensity that reminds me of a movie I saw years ago, Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World, which, as you may imagine, sort of encompasses this mood, though with a comedic bent. Two strangers find solace in one another on their last day on earth, while, in this beautifully moving song, it’s a divorced couple that realize they’d still look to be with each other during the scariest, most uncertain of times.

I am such a lucky man to have my best friend as my husband and partner and to be so blessed with so many friends who might come over if the world was, in fact, ending.