Let Your Love Flow (The Bellamy Brothers) - day 37

It’s 1980. You’re going away to summer camp and you have no idea what to expect. While other kids are getting murdered at their sleepaway by the crazed mother of Jason Voorhees, you’re sharing a cabin with television starlet Kristy McNichol and movie ingenue Tatum O’Neal, and you’re garnering crushes on the likes of Matt Dillon (umm, yes please) and the way too old, but still inexplicably sexy-dadbod of Armand Assante (seriously though, YES PLEASE).

This song, Let Your Love Flow, immediately brings to mind the referred-to film Little Darlings, at a time a of burgeoning innocence on the edge of puberty and all its vile desires. There I was, the tiny closet ‘mo you’ve all come to know, living full time as if it were camp (minus everything joyous), learning the meaning of the phrase living vicariously as I’d wished I could be either of the two main stars seeking to lose their virginity to either, or both, of the two beautiful leading men. Don’t you dare judge me.

Add to all this a song that is melodic and repetitive, in a good way. A song that makes you feel young and healthy and wide-eyed with an entire lifetime of experiences at your feet. But it’s also songs like this that make me wish I could go back in time and have a conversation with fourteen-year-old me, not to say it gets better, but to push me to find confidence, seek out confidantes, and focus on what made the moments so incredibly special rather than wishing them away.