Make It Real (the Jets) - day 21

Sorry for so many ballads in a row, but it is what it is and you knew what you were getting when you signed up to be part of this blog group. That being said, although the sound of this song hasn’t quite held up the way other timeless classics have, to me all I hear is the perfect undertone of all the spoils and tumult of everything I did to lose you know who, aka the one that got away.

I loved you. You didn’t feel the same.
Though we’re apart you’re in my heart.
Gimme one more chance to make it real.

I do love this song, Make It Real by 80s family band the Jets. It’s the kind of song that rarely gets radio airplay so on that random day when I hear it come on Lite FM, I am instantly transported back to the moments in my Grand Prix crying in my own hands over my stupid mistakes of youth.

I often wonder (no, seriously, very often, like too often) why I still think about this guy from thirty fucking years ago. Talk about leaving an indelible imprint. Sheesh. Meantime I’m likely just a speck in his memory, if even that. What makes me so different that I still cannot shake him? I have such an amazing life, which includes a husband that couldn’t have been better suited for me and a cornucopia of friends who accept me for the hot mess I am. As part of my long list of losses, whether by death or job loss or whatever, this one still tops the list in the What IF? category. And obviously we’ll never know, and that is ok.

Yep, that’s the sound of me trying to convince myself.

(PS this video is terrible.)