Peace Of Mind (Boston) - day 30

Growing up, there was a lot of rock influence from my older siblings. That’s a sentence I’m certain many of you can utter truthfully. Rosemarie was a child of the sixties, so her music tended toward the British invasion, but Carmine and Michael’s influences on me were the likes of Queen, KISS, Styx and Boston. The debut album by Boston was so played in our house that it’s imprinted on my brain. There really is nothing comparable to the sound of Peace Of Mind. I have actual, vivid memories of the spare room upstairs in our house in Lynbrook where the boys’ turntable lived, and where their albums gained their needle scars. The walls were littered with album covers, amongst which lived Boston’s self-titled debut album. I was fascinated by the album art: a spaceship shaped like a flaming guitar with a domed city at the top, flying away from an exploding planet. In my imagination, this was comparable to any comic book in my young collection, like the bottled city of Kandor from Superman Family. Naturally, I was obsessed. And the music matched.

Just listen to this song and tell me you don’t have an immediate tether to your youth, a nostalgia for a freer time. This song is a snapshot in time that could go one forever, deep into space where my spirit will eventually fly.