Safe And Sound (Capital Cities) – day 4

I am digging into the last decade for this one! How weird is that? The guy who says he hasn’t listened to (or enjoyed) anything from after 2008?

Safe And Sound by Capital Cities is a joyous, optimistic pop jangle about support and friendship. I mean, what other type of song seems to have been written about me more? I mean, when you remove all the meanderings on loss and memories of missed opportunities and reflections on regrets… Ok, fine, judge me for being a fully fleshed out human! I also happen to like feeling connected to my friends and loved ones, and I enjoy thanking them (YOU) for being my support system over all these years.

Even in a hurricane of frowns I know that we’ll be safe and sound.

This song is just really uplifting and takes on that anthem quality, reminding us that there’s most likely someone out there whose mission is to keep us safe and sound. Yep, little old lonely us, when we feel unseen and unheard and alone, there’s one person out there who sees us and hears us and is standing by

Also, who even knew bands still made music videos? And not just videos, but good ones with lots of dance and a fun message! Check it out!