Stacy’s Mom (Fountains Of Wayne) - day 42

You know that you sing along to this song and that you tap your pen on your keyboard or clap along at the end verse. Or perhaps, like me, you do all these things and more.

Stacy’s Mom conjures up memories of eighties movies like Valley Girl, in which this actual story unfolds as the back-up storyline to the unlikely romance between Deborah Foreman and mouth-breather Nic Cage. I started off last year’s countdown with a song that has a similar look and feel, 1985, which is another gem from the new millennium that hearkens back to the simplicity of the eighties when it was okay for a hot MILF to tempt a perverted teenaged boy or writhe and wriggle while scantily dressed on the hood of a car. Both these amazing songs provide a vibe to those of us borderline-Boomers who lived it and loved it. And I can’t lie, I am a sucker for a good rhythmic tambourine!

You’re welcome for today’s amazing earworm. I know it might be wrong but I’m in love with this fuckin song! Also, Rachel Hunter. Gay doesn’t mean dead to what’s sexy about women. 

That is all.