Standing Still/Foolish Games (Jewel) - day 26

Sometime in the middle of the nineties there was an influx of amazing female solo artists, each with her unique sound, that took over popular music and reigned the charts. Among the list of these she-beasts was singer/songwriter Jewel, whose moody songs were a snapshot of the times: uncertain and fast-paced. As we raced toward a new millennium and the notion of a scary event called Y2K, the songs by Jewel were emotional and pleading, but her voice was heartbreakingly beautiful. It almost didn’t matter that her songs were in constant rotation on literally every radio station and on VH1.

None, though, was as brooding and brilliant as Foolish Games. The lyrics match the mood of her tone, and it’s the perfect starting place to fall in love with the sound of Jewel. Admittedly, it’s not the best song to play on repeat unless you’re planning to do something stupid (insert intentional overdose here.) But man, when this song comes on now, you are immediately reminded what a jewel this singer is.

A few years later, after a strange lack of her music on the airwaves, Jewel released Standing Still, and the world was reminded how badly we missed her and how much we needed her. Here, again, was a voice like none other. Perfect harmonies precisely where she left them, just at the side door of my heart.