Together Forever (Lisette Melendez) - day 39

The late eighties gave us a new brand of disco music called Freestyle, a hard-hitting, bass-driven genre speckled with one-hit wonders churning out monster dance hits that were the soundtrack of my mid-twenties as a fresh young gay guy cowering in the corner of the club scene. Once such one-hit wonder is a song called Together Forever by Freestyle artist Lisette Melendez.

Freestyle was not known for its substance, and that’s ok. What it provided was a good fucking time, and it delivered. This song is a banger that begs to be cranked when it comes on the radio. Vincent and I worked, briefly, at a bar in Rockville Centre called Grand Central (man, it seems like forever ago and it felt like it lasted forever…), and it was there that we would dance and dance and dance, and we gave zero fucks about the world around us.

THAT’S what I think about when this song comes on. If only I could describe it properly for you, dear reader, to get the full mental image. All I know is I am thankful I have memories. And he and I are together forever, whether in electric dreams or ready to stand the test of time.