Unbreak My Heart/You’re Makin’ Me High (Toni Braxton) - day 17

The first time I heard the voice of Toni Braxton, I was swept away in an instant. Earthy in a low register, she captured us with songs like You Mean The World To Me and Breathe Again with breathy abandon and nearly palpable yearning. Not only was she breathtakingly gorgeous, she had a voice that was like milk chocolate being poured onto a warm marshmallow.

The breathy perfection continued into her follow up album and the release of Unbreak My Heart, one of today’s two amazing classics by Toni Braxton. Spanish guitar and Toni’s signature breathless exasperation. What a fucking monumental sound. This song was literally on every radio station at least twice an hour; if you weren’t sick of it, you were in love with it. A sped-up club version even exploded onto the airwaves; in my personal experience this was the first time I’d heard a sultry love ballad turned into a banger of a dance song. Needless to say, I loved it.

Then came You’re Makin’ Me High. This was a departure from Toni’s ballad-heavy history, and I loved it. And, as with so many songs, this song was for a boy. A certain, beautiful, unattainable boy from Pittsburgh who we’d met while on a district wide trip to a new flagship location of Structure in Connecticut. All I can do now is sigh and wave my hand over my face to shake away the vapors.

And this video? Jesus Christ, those are some viciously sexy men. Unbreak MY heart. Honestly.