You’re My Best Friend (Queen) - day 36

Today is a special day. It’s a momentous, milestone birthday for one of my dearest friends, so what better song to share today in the spirit of friendship than You’re My Best Friend by Queen? I have gotten this far in my life with the support and love of my friends, and to list them would be even longer than a CVS receipt. I’ll just say that, assuming you are reading this, then you know who you are.

It’s kind of amazing when a classic song such as this one, sung by rock god Freddie Mercury, strikes so many chords within you, making you appreciate the people who’ve always been the pedestals on which you’ve been lifted, the solid structure beneath your feet. I have always had a difficult time naming one person my “best” friend since there have been and still are so many. I can reach back to childhood, then to high school in a new state, to my first job at the Pennysaver and the days of coming out, into a decade of retail with such an amazing group, right through to my time with Cablevision, social media, and now Northwell. I am a blessed individual to have somehow been gifted with so many amazing humans to travel along the path with me. I herald this song as anthem to each of you on that CVS-receipt-long-list!


I pride myself on the ability to maintain relationships, and I truly think the reason for that is due to the mark each of you has left on my heart and soul. You’ve protected me, nurtured me, scolded me, and in the end, assisted in the creation of the man I am today. I am the luckiest guy on this planet as I’ve often said. Today I celebrate those of you who’ve made me that way!


And happy birthday, Mike! April just so happens to be the birth month of many of you whose names are on that long list, so today I’m celebrating you all.